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About automation systems Labex takes care of the design of automatic electrical installation for production lines, general machineries and control systems for industrial process working through SCADA dedicated softwares. Labex has since ever operated in the automation and industrial plant markets. In the automation field we project and produce electric panel boards both of control and power and distribution, starting from their design using efficient programming software until their realization, maintenance and installation. Our supervision systems are different from the others available on the market basically for ease of use, contemporary functionality and outstanding graphical design, all features reached by a significant streamlining of procedures. In the industrial power plants field we provide a high-quality and complete service, starting with a the feasibility study of the plant and relevant work schedule through to the installation and testing phase. This process enable us to obtain a result which is completely designed and produced by an unique company, which is in charge also, to release the project completely Conformity certified. In the recent years Labex was able to be in line with the market demands as to energy saving and environment protection developing new projects in accordance with these objectives. Electrical schematics are in accordance with the relative rules of the Country for which the product was intended. Our team designs in accordance with Standard CEI rules for European market, with Standard UL rules for American market and Standard CSA for the Canadian market. To do its job in the best way possible our technical department can count on the newest softwares and electronic tools. About the designing we use the best that market can offer such as SPAC, Autocad, Sienergy, E-Design and many others.

Main activities:

Feasibility study;

Certification support;

Process designing;

Wiring diagrams;

Dedicated softwares;

SCADA supervisions;

Technical support and overseeing works;

Mid-term and final plant and electrical panels testing;

Equipment tests and certifications;

After-sales service.

Automation & Drives

Since 1979 Labex has always operated in the industrial automation. Thanks to technical and commercial trained personnel, was able through the years to be in line with technological developments related to the markets where operates. Thus LABEX is a reality ahead of the field of any kind of electrical control boards and panels and on board plants. The equipments at our desposal allow us the building and cabling of cabinets for industrial automation of any type and size. Also about hardware applications, LABEX ensures a solid knowledge and attention of the existing rules for this sector, thanks to its qualified personnel and multiannual experience. All these skills have made possible to reach an significant know-how in several sectors as transport, building, pharnaceutical, food, footwear, plastic moulding, machinery for polyurethane foam, wood and glass, cogeneration, photovoltaic. Depending on the type of the application above mentioned and the request of the client we realize every kind of electrical board, starting from the totally electromechanical ones to those that use PLCs, programmable logics, inverters, for brushless, step-to-step and AC or DC motors. Specifically for this field of applications, the company has the purposes to guarantee an easy retrieval of the spare parts and the longevity of the components. That's the reason why LABEX cooperates with the bigger brands on the market such as: Siemens, ABB, Schneider, B&R, Honeywell, Rockwell Automation, Omron, Danaher Motion, Qem, Phoenix Contact, Eurotherm ecc...

This experience has made possible to reach a significant know-how in the use of a very big quantity of components and devices such as:

programmable logic processors;

inverters and soft starts;

electromechanical components;

actuator for brushless motor;

actuator for DC motors;

actuators for step-to-step motors;


thermoregolation systems;

artificial sighting systems;

pressure transducers;

temperature transducers;

flow transducer;

level transducer;

electropneumatic positioner and electric actuators;

power supplies and signal processors;

process protections;

video recorders;

software and comunication;

SIMATIC S7 controllers PC-based automations;

Industrial comunication: PROFIBUS, MODBUS, Industrial Ethernet and PROFInet;

operation technologies (for example SINAMICS);

safety systems.

Process automation is for us the results of a the experience gained with daily proposal and solutions in the following industrial sectors:

automotive industry;

chemical industry;



food industry;

job centers;

machinery building;





pharnaceutical industry;

textile industry;

packaging industry;

water treatment;


Mid-term tests scheduled at design phase and the final tests ensure every time the quality of product. Technical assistance, installation and scheduled maintenance ensure however the quality of service.


Our competence in technical knowledge reinforced by experience and fortified by the cooperation with worldwide leader partners allow us to offer state-of-the-art solutions. In a market always more demanding to customized solutions, LABEX is leader at national level thanks to client's trust and to high quality and high reliability of its systems realized and services offered. We realize medium power and distribution electrical cabinet from desiging to installation, with competence and a very carefull attention to the rules in force about these sectors.
Our clients can count on a qualified personnel and its many years experiance in several applications.
We propose multiple wiring solutions from simple cabinets for civil sector to complex cabinets for industry and tertiary.
All electrics realizations are tested in our own facility and delivered to the clients with relative technical documentation and certifications.

On all our electrical cabinets and plans realized, LABEX is able to make tests and trials required by rules in force such as:

Dielectric rigidity test;

Maximum voltage applied test;

Test of electrical continuity in protection circuits;

Residual voltages measurement;

Isolation resistance measurement;

Ground resistance measurement;

Tests of earth leakage circuit breakers and their intervenction time;

Touch valtege measurement;

Leakage currente measurement;

Data and recording acquiring.

We realize MT/BT substations provided with disconnect, trasformation and protection sector.

Power Center energy distribution cabinets;

Motor Control Center cabinets;

Copper bars distribution systems;

Control and protection boards for lighting and motive power;

Cabinets for fixed and automatic power factor correction;

Automation cabinets;

Medium Voltage substations.

All our products meeting the requirements of CE regulations and of the main directive referred. The guarantee of products conforming to the quality level reuired by the client and imposed from UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 quality system is ensured by technical competence of our personnel, by the tools used for final assembly and by the cooperation with primary importance suppliers.

In completing our offer we propose a broad range of services such as risk analysis, maintenance and training, making us the ideal partner in the following sectors:

distributed architecture for buildings management;

energy management and distribution;

electrical plants;

technological plants;

security systems;

fire protection systems;

video surveillance systems;

identification and access control systems;

photovoltaic plant;

copper and optical fibre wiring systems;

networking ed internetworking systems;

telephone, data and VOIP (voice over IP ) systems;

multimediala and videoconferencing systems.

We work every day with effort and commitment to ensure comfort and safety to our clients, protecting their investments over time and give them as much freedom of choise as possible.